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Episode 28: The Counter Offer

Featuring Shauna Lott & Ben Thomas

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Britt from Banshee Press


 As big as a bear but, man, did he love his ears scratched.  Dive Bars, dude
  taken next to a dumpster at my alma mater by @lauraschmalstieg, sniffing that "fresh" seaside air.  ❤️❤️s for the heartland. Den → Chi
 channeling that   "Her name's Bessie because she reminds me of a lunch lady – a little rough around the edges but will give you a cookie if you're having a hard day." -@morgabob loving on her bus
 Wide eyed after a sneak peak of @lowresstudio's incredible home while doing the walk through for tomorrow's #letstogether. So proud of all @lauraschmalstieg's work on these meet ups!  Be happy, it's summer.