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Episode 28: The Counter Offer

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Britt from Banshee Press


 I woke up from apocalyptic, politically themed dreams each night this weekend, realizing I was losing sight of what is important. I've been binging on news like it's a jar of Nutella, acting like my consumption is somehow productive and that my news feed scrolling can produce change. It was so necessary to unplug, focus on love, & breathe fresh air. I cannot create good things while obsessing over filth. Here's to light that is not snuffed out, love that does not fail, community that knows no border, and wisdom that is not duped by hate.  News is happening! Things are afoot! Events are in motion! Nonspecific explanations abound! So perhaps introductions are in Eleanor
 snow desert  Sometimes you meet magical strangers who become friends and take you rowing right before a ❄️storm.
 Mornings with Frank  Apparently, it's pronounced app-a-latch-in. Getting a crash course.
 When friends take you to their secret spots ... Thanks for not mugging me down there @mbrinley & @mikesmith!  green winter. I'm so confused.