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Episode 28: The Counter Offer

Featuring Shauna Lott & Ben Thomas

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Britt from Banshee Press


 Clearing land for matrimony. Less than 2 months away!  We built a fort and are recording stories! Come over to the Central Library and tell me your favorite tale about Denver architecture!
 morning bike ride, morning editing, morning light. No mourning here.  An attack on our national monuments is an attack on all of America’s parks, public lands, and oceans. President Trump is taking the unpopular step of requesting a review of past national monument designations, putting America’s heritage at risk. We must defend our #MonumentsForAll! #KeepItPublic #StandWithBearsEars #FindYourPark @usinterior @whitehouse
 Mom Pike not only loves a windswept hike but she also just finished all the course work for her PhD this week! Lots of reasons to celebrate such a special lady ❤️  After three days of driving between Houston, San Antonio, and Austin to record interviews - these waters are feeling mighty fine.
 Unpacking on a Friday night. Can't say I mind the company.  Found some good paths.