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Episode 28: The Counter Offer

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Britt from Banshee Press


 Mustache icicles: nature's true panacea  Hitting record on my first documentary project today and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't more than a little nervous. So thankful to be tackling it with the one and only @zachrawlings!
 Standing real still  Saying my last goodbyes to #ourvanhans in the best way I know how: whiskey, friends, pie, and stories. Tomorrow Hans heads up to Boulder to meet his new crew!  by @scott_shots1
 One minute I'm looking in a wardrobe, minding my own business, and all of a sudden...  Self Portrait October 28, 2016. I am breaking my Instagram hiatus with this shameless selfie and a little introspection. Over the past two months I have undergone a dramatic realignment process. I broke up with a girl, moved houses, suffered betrayal by someone I counted as my best friend, found a therapist, worked my ass off, and began dreaming again. I’m not going to lie — it’s been downright shitty at times. I’ve questioned self worth, what I want, and how I fit into the world around me. Yet, it’s been so worth it that I would do it again if it meant finding the freedom, love, and honesty I am finding now. I have reconnected to what I love about myself. I have made use of the time for introspection. I have let go of things that were harmful and embraced sources of health. It has been nothing short of baptismal. For all the voices, faces, and actions of the people who have loved me beyond measure in September and October, you have my extreme gratitude. So here I sit, 3 months into my 29th year, feeling more alive, honest, and empowered than any other time I can remember. I have grown deeper in my knowledge that love and truth will forever out-do, out-create, and out-shine bitterness and deceit. This is my self portrait.
 Decades of knowledge distilled into the deft movements of a dance between paper, cloth, and ink. Filming the craftsmanship of book design for @juniperbooks has been a real treat. Video coming soon.  Thinking of trading #ourvanhans in...