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Episode 28: The Counter Offer

Featuring Shauna Lott & Ben Thomas

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Britt from Banshee Press


 summer & coffee  Today began with talking bikes & coffee at @definecycling and ended by culling a sick chicken in the alley with Koan... adventures in freelance.
 Wyoming is one giant movie set.  Neighbors brought food to share and stories to tell. #summersuppers
 Five generations of family members have marveled at these wildflowers — and, for a boy who grew up moving seven times before Junior High, the mountains of Wyoming always felt like home. They still do.  I pressed the record button on a new project I'm very excited about today: Over the next few weeks I'll be working with @huckleberryroasters to tell their story through video. Huck has been a home and community I've loved over the past few years in Denver & it's truly an honor.
 Hans was awfully enthusiastic to help out with this early morning shoot. I had to tell him to cool it. . . . #ourvanhans  Summer is even sweeter when you're enjoying a sunset send off for a good friend embarking on a badass adventure. Bon voyage @brotherstories!