The Stories

When was the last time someone looked you in the eye, asked a question, and truly listened? Did they dig deep and discover how your present day connects to experiences of the past? Did they invite your story to be told?

Stories connect us. They take a random collection of experiences, locations, and characters and pick up on a universal set emotions that bind us together. They also instruct us. By listening to a story, we ride passenger on extraordinary adventures, difficult situations, and lucky breaks. We get to question ourselves and see how we would have responded in the same scenario.

The Forum Stories brings you into the world of normal people who are striving with all their might to let their creativity breath. Whether its through opening a non-profit coffee shop to employ homeless teens, hitchhiking across the US, or rolling burritos to support musicians; these stories are snapshots of what makes Denver wonderful. The Forum Stories is our way of listening in that deep intentional way to our beloved city. You can pull up a chair and listen for yourself by going to our Journal, watching a Video, listening to a Podcast, or attending an upcoming event.

The Town

Denver, Colorado serves as both inspiration and subject material for The Forum Stories. The impetus for sharing these tales of creativity came from bike ride observations, front porch chats, and a deep appreciation for the process of good-hearted creators. Denver’s pioneering spirit manifests itself in some unique ways around here and, as storytellers, we feel honor-bound to capture those expressions and pass them on to both newcomers and those who have roamed these parts for a while. For, we are a people at once in love with urban landscapes and the smell of pine trees; with producing quality work but also checking ego at the door; with venturing out to distant locales while also bringing the pickings of the road home to our own community. Perhaps you are a rare native of the Mile High City or maybe a distant admirer peeking in to see what this mountainous testament-to-non-coastal-creativity is all about. Whoever you are, welcome. These are our stories. This is our home.

The Host

Sam Pike is a connector, videographer, and storytelling host living in Denver, CO. A student of history, he recognizes that seemingly inconsequential events have the ability to shape our culture in profound ways. To better capture these moments, Sam lives and works amongst the subjects of his storytelling—Denver’s creative community. Using audio, video and written word he explores what fuels creative ambition, why people choose to be artists or entrepreneurs, and what can individuals’ stories reveal about the larger culture of self-starters. He hopes his work will encourage others to live with greater creativity and a stronger sense of personal freedom.

In addition to beginning The Forum Stories in 2013, he has the honor of working at Wonderbound, producing freelance video work, and contributing to TEDxRiNo.