Portland, Maine is rich in food–from the fresh fish and lobster plucked from the nearby Atlantic to the growing collection of renowned chefs who call it home. You can find all you want in this gorgeous mini-city. However, if you ask most locals where you need to visit, they’ll point you to the Holy Donut. This small donut shop is making strong impressions and has been featured in multiple national publications and programs since starting only two years ago. While the donuts are guaranteed to keep you coming back, the story behind Holy Donut is even more appealing. Began as a last ditch project of Leigh Kellis these donuts reflect thousands of hours of early mornings and tenacious dreaming.

Kellis’ story is one of success in the face of heartbreak and poverty. Her outlook is contagious and you will walk away from listening to her journey ready to begin your own project. She advises entrepreneurs “to create what you want” instead of settling for a product that is merely ok.


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