Megan Lindsey’s an example of someone who’s not faking it—she’s aware of faults, goals, and challenges, but still finds joy in what she does. From studying to be a music teacher to opening a gourmet hotdog restaurant to playing in a successful band, Megan spent the last ten years creating a work place that allows fellow artists, musicians, and other creatives in Pittsburgh to earn a living while pursuing their dreams. Her honesty and self-reflection make her a joy to talk with and set her apart as someone who truly lives by her ideals. In addition to running Franktuary and playing in the band “Good Night, States,” she shares life with her husband, Trevor, who makes beautiful, handmade guitar amps under the name TRVR Handwired (pictured below.)

If you’re not inclined to compromise on beliefs in order to eat, pay bills, etc… Megan’s story is for you.


TRVR Handwired
Good Night, States (band)