When I first met Britt I was impressed with two things:

First, the quality of her work. It’s gorgeous. My daily life is spent in front of a computer screen, digesting the intangibles of a digitally designed world. Yet, when I hold one of her works in my hands, I remember how powerful texture can be and how often we miss out on the sense of touch in our communication patters. Doesn’t it simply feel more daring to break up the white space of a piece of card stock rather than the blank space of a webpage? I encourage you to wander into her shop for a similar reminder on this basic human experience.

Second, I was deeply impressed by Britt’s commitment to keeping artists first. It’s no secret that Denver is in the throws of rapid development and grappling with how to respond to gentrification’s numerous repercussions. Yet, Britt never complained about the Goliaths gobbling up the real estate surrounding her building. Rather, she focused on how her daily habits can support the community she loves. Talking with her reminded me of how tenacious creativity is and how it morphs to meet its surrounding challenges. 

In short, Britt Madden is one of a kind. Enjoy her journey.

About Banshee Press

Banshee Press is a design, letterpress, silkscreen and etching studio specializing in hand-printed art and ephemera (cards, invitations and the like). They produce both contract work and also publish fine art prints in collaboration with artists they admire and with whom they choose to work. They do job-printing that can be coupled with any of their illustrations and designs. At Banshee, they love the tradition of printmaking for its elegance, reliability, process and tactile feel. Their printing is reminiscent of a time when quality artisan printing and beauty in craftsmanship were an everyday phenomenon.

I hope you savor this episode wherever it greets you–be it a weekend getaway to the mountains, the heart of a morning traffic jam, or a leisurely evening spent at home with podcasts and whiskey. By listening and engaging with the stories of Denver, you grow into the citizen you’ve always wanted to be: informed, invested, and curious.